Attract New Customers By Providing Value

Will buyers feel good when they purchase goods with their own free will? Or do they like to be chased and persuaded before deciding to buy? One thing is sure: it is better to use negotiation than pressure tactics. You need to attract new customers by providing value.

Unlike tangible products that can be seen, touched, and tried, the service is intangible, at least during the sales phase. But they are also very similar because they all provide solutions to customer problems or needs.

When you want to be relevant to your customers, and when you know, you can add value to them and to meet their needs and solve their problems, selling services can be a breeze. But first, the customer must feel that what you offer can be delivered, and then you have to prove that you have the expertise and experience to solve their problems. And that’s what selling is all about.

So, how do you generate enthusiasm among your customers and attract them to take advantage of your services?

Here are some simple steps:

Identify The Problem

Listening skills come into play here. Active listening and reading between the lines increase your chance to accurately and comprehensively identify customer issues and needs.

While listening, you must ask insightful questions to obtain all relevant information and understand why customers cannot solve their problems and why they need external help.

Then, use your abilities to identify and define problems and lay the foundation for showing your value.

Design a Solution

Identify the various ways that you can help customers get what they are looking for. Then interact with them, clarify the different options, and point out the advantages and disadvantages of each option. When customers have a choice and are decision-makers, they will like it. If they cannot decide, then you can give them your recommendation.

Take advantage of this opportunity to demonstrate your value by providing innovative suggestions for your different proposals. When the customer starts to see the lights at the end of the tunnel, they will start to feel captivated. You have to say enough to build trust and confidence, but don’t reveal your entire solution.

When someone wants to learn more and ask questions, they will be attracted to what you can do for them. Deal with objections by providing information with confidence and politeness until they have nothing to ask, and this is when you take out the next card to complete the sale.

Make an Offer

An overview of your services can help them overcome the impact of the challenges they face. Make an offer to help and outline the price for your service, mention the work required, the schedule, what you’ll need from the customer, and always be clear to how much it will cost to them. For customers who are negotiating, they should demonstrate methodological flexibility without affecting the results. The price reflects the value you provide, which you should determine.

All in all, the key to acquiring new customers is to identify the problem, demonstrate your ability to solve a problem, and then introduce your solution and quotation.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out to us, remember that we are here to help you.

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