Build a Digital Marketing Strategy That Gets Results

Although an excellent website can bring potential customers, sales, and overall marketing success, it is also easy to put a lot of time and money into online modification without too much effort. According to a HubSpot report, marketers said that their biggest challenge is to attract traffic and potential customers and show return on investment. And that’s why you must have a Digital Marketing Strategy planned out.

This is partly because our online team is very different overall. Marketers focus on publicizing and sharing creative promotions. Developers and webmasters are committed to maintaining the regular operation of the company’s online image. However, marketing and technical teams rarely work together to develop a unified digital marketing strategy.

This is what we have discovered over the past few years, and this is why we are focused on helping the team achieve a common goal: to show the ROI of digital marketing. Our own team is both an online geek and a social butterfly, so we speak the language of developers and marketers. We have learned how to combine these two groups to achieve meaningful marketing results, focus on global strategies, demonstrate effective methods, and save company resources (time and money) in the process.

Know Your Goals

You have to unify your team and formulate an overall strategy. A successful marketing strategy is not just about improving traffic or page views. Your plan should be linked to business results, such as driving more qualified prospects, shortening sales cycles, increasing sales, and improving customer retention, in other words, achieving real business growth.

It’s also essential to agree with who you want to target. How much do you know about the ideal prospects online? Create buyer roles to clarify your audience, who they are looking for, and the challenges that need to be overcome. Then, calculate these numbers at your ideal cost to get a single customer so that you can plan marketing expenses.

Finally, you need to know what action you want people to take. Does your sales process depend on the person who registered the demo? Downloading your content? Or sign the application form? Call you or send a live chat? Or do you just want to build brand awareness and publicize what you do? Understanding the target actions will help you simplify the information you share with potential customers.

Start with your website

Marketers know that there are millions of ways to share stories online. The list of marketing strategies is growing every week. YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, online review sites, LinkedIn, Quora, and industry publications are endless. But we found that all these external tools only work when your marketing headquarters (website) is at its best. Before you start sharing and publishing, make sure that your website is doing its best to contribute to your strategy.

First, please carefully check the back end of your website. Technically, how is your website structured?

Run a technical report to understand:

Information Architecture

Is the structure of your website organized and logical? Are your pages and categories arranged in a clear hierarchy? Do your menu and navigation make sense? Are you sending a clear signal to search engines about the content of your website? Do you have any other material and scripts?

Site Speed

Load time is one of the most critical factors for search engines. If your website runs slowly, users will leave immediately. Google monitors user behavior and ranks sites accordingly. Increasing website speed is one of the fastest ways to enhance online marketing. This step seems to be technical, but it is essential to the overall health of your website.


Bells are impressive, but today’s users are looking for simplicity. They want to find what they want quickly. Ensure that your website design is consistent and clean and call for action on every page. If the appearance, layout, and fonts of each page are different, then it may be time to simplify the design. Starting with a simple design, you will be able to make changes faster based on your audience’s understanding.


When someone goes into your website, what will they know about you immediately? Are you clear about your job and how you can help them? Take the time to make sure your message is clear. You only have a few seconds to persuade website visitors to come to their correct location, so every word is crucial.

Now Increase Your Traffic 

Once your site is ready to welcome people, it’s time to attract visitors! Many marketers focus their time on content marketing-creating blog posts, articles, and images to share on their websites. Content marketing is an essential strategy, and we recommend that you continue to create valuable content over time. But the important thing is time. Content marketing is a long game; it can take years to build an audience, increase SEO, and see the organic increase in website traffic.

Although content marketing should always be within your attention, we recommend that you use paid advertising. This is the fastest way to increase traffic, attract a specific group of people, and start understanding your audience. You can think of content marketing as an increasing drip irrigation over time, while paid advertising is a garden hose that can be opened and closed.

Use Other Tools To Reach Your Audience

After using paid advertising to drive new traffic, and understand how your audience interacts with your site, check out the other tools in the marketing tool belt.

Content Marketing

Content marketing usually involves creating and sharing valuable content (online) about companies and/or services through blog posts and social media channels. Content marketing efforts should attract customers, build your brand, and increase brand awareness.

Over time, you can improve your search engine rankings by posting content about your audience’s areas of interest and critical keywords. Consider what types of questions your customers and potential customers are asking, and use content such as blog posts to answer these questions.

Social Media Marketing

Content marketing is closely related to social media marketing. If you want to post useful content on the site, please promote it by promoting your posts on social media.

Location Services

Adding your company to hundreds of online directories and updating your company information is essential for local search results. You will be added to major directories such as Yelp, Google, Foursquare, and Bing.


The most successful team combines technical knowledge, marketing creativity, and continuous analysis to improve the return on investment of marketing. When you work together to achieve common goals and seek strategic lessons and adjustments in the process, you are more likely to see a return on investment.

If you are ready to improve your website but do not have an in-house team to do it, Optimal Websites has a great group of experienced marketers that know how to tailor marketing campaigns for your unique needs. Contact us or browse our website for more information.

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