Google Is Redesigning Mobile Search Results

Google is launching a redesigned version of mobile search results with an edge-to-edge design that is easier to read.

With a modern experience, Google is updating the design to present the mobile search results in an attempt to make it easier for the users to find what they need.

With a redesigned version of mobile search, Google aims to improve the user experience in three main ways:

  1. Easier reading
  2. Simpler design
  3. Modern approach

Let’s take a look at the main elements of the redesign. Google designer Aileen Cheng led this work.

These are the five main elements of Google Mobile Search redesign.


Cheng says:

“We want to let the search results shine, allowing people to focus on the information instead of the design elements around it.

It’s about simplifying the experience and getting people to the information they’re looking for as clearly and quickly as possible.”


Larger, bolder text is used throughout the design to make results more scannable.

Edge-to-Edge Design

Cheng says:

“We decided to create a new edge-to-edge results design and to minimize the use of shadows, making it easier to see what you’re looking for immediately.

The overall effect is that you have more visual space and breathing room for Search results and other content to take center stage.”


The new design boasts a more intentional use of color to guide the eye to important information.

“Googley” feeling

Most importantly, Google wants to maintain the feeling of using “sparkling wine”.

The design draws on the roundness of the Google logo to make icons and other images more rounded.

Look for circles in logos, search bars, and fonts. Google thinks this feeling is more approachable, friendly, and humane.

Now, more content is fonts, the rounded edges of the knowledge panel, and the image or video carousel side.

All these changes will start Rolling Out Soon.

Google said that “in the next few days,” it will launch a new mobile search result design.

This update only affects the appearance of search results. There is no difference between the indexing or ranking of the content and the amount of information in the search summary.

Source: Google

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