Google It’s Combining Search Console And Analytics Data Reports

Google is working to merge data from Search Console and Analytics into a single report that can be accessed through any service.

Some website owners have received an email notification via Search Console about the new report’s upcoming trial. And Google plans to expand it in the following weeks.

The email states that Google will start allowing data to be exported from Analytics and linked Search Console properties.

This is a trial experience that only affects one Search Console attribute, which is displayed in the email.

When a new report is available, the website owner will receive another notification. Google estimates that the report is still a few weeks away from being prepared for publication.

If the site owner wishes to opt-out of this trial for any reason, they can unlink their Search Console and Google Analytics properties.

Google’s email has a large button that links directly to this page, and site owners can manage their integration between Search Console and GA on this page.

Integrated reports can make it easier for you to see which keywords may drive traffic to which pages.

At present, there are still many unknowns, because Google did not provide any information about this feature, and the initial email did not give any information.

Because it is related to the trial period, we do not know whether it is limited to a specific audience or whether everyone has the opportunity to participate.

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