How To Increase Your Blog Traffic?

Generating traffic is the core of your online business. Without enough traffic, your website and blog will never be able to achieve its purpose. 

Although many paid options can generate traffic, there are several practical and free tools and methods. Here are some ideas of excellent traffic generators:

Twitter Traffic

When most users register for the first time and start using Twitter, it isn’t easy to see how it generates a lot of traffic. 

Over time, Twitter quickly became the primary source of traffic. Many blogs use automated tools to provide links and previous posts to their Twitter accounts. 

There’s one called Revive Old Post. This plugin takes past blog posts and tweets the title and URL to your Twitter account. 

With this simple WordPress plugin, many blogs generate hundreds or even thousands of new visitors every month.

Try Contest Marketing

One of the fastest ways to generate non-purchasing traffic is to participate in competitions. 

That is a great way to create hundreds of inbound links because bloggers like to share relevant games with readers, being the one to break the news. 

Many site owners find that it is most useful to grant a “BIG” reward instead of many smaller ones.

Everyone loves cool trips, the latest gadget, or some other cool perk instead of downloading songs for free.  Just make sure that people feel that what you are giving is valuable to them in exchange for their email address.

Big awards create big results. In addition to increasing traffic, be sure to ask certain visitors to enter your giveaway. 

Consider asking for a simple news subscription. This way, you can get their contact information when they win, and you can also let them know about the new content when they publish.

Take Advantage of Content Aggregators

Having your website (and posts) listed with top-level content aggregators may drive a lot of traffic. You can try ScreamingMedia, Moreover, and iSyndicate, Alltop among others. 

The benefit of aggregators (a website that aggregates or collects blog posts) is that they have a larger readership than you. 

By placing links of your content on these very popular platforms, you can count on more traffic to your website.

Always Write Great Content

Nothing builds your traffic better than great content. Whether it’s a blog post, video, or audio (or a combination of the three), you need to produce great content consistently.

Great content will encourage your readers to share your posts via social media and links on their websites and blogs. 

This social sharing of your readers has a higher weight than any purchased ads.

Try Guest Blogging

This is a popular one. But what should you do? First, guest posts can only be made on popular websites (more popular than yours). It should be your best thing. An average blog post will bring average results. 

Publishing fascinating works adds real value to the website you contribute. This will help you get another launch opportunity.

A well-written personal resume will motivate readers to click on your website. In addition to publishing excellent guest posts, it is also essential to accept guest posts. This helps to expand the content base and reduce your writing pressure. 

Make sure to publish a clear set of blog guidelines; this will help reduce the number of low-quality guest posts you will receive.

Forum Marketing

Share your expertise with people who ask questions about your industry. In return, you will get stable website traffic. After all, you will become an expert. 

Make your signature to stand out. Your signature will tell other forum members who you are and how and where to read more about you.

Blog Commenting

In almost all blog platforms (Word Press, Blogger, etc.), there is a field to enter your URL (your website address). If your comment attracts the reader’s attention, they will click the link and visit your website.

Be careful not to post spam comments. Be careful when sharing links in the comments. Many bloggers don’t like this, because they may think that that is a blatant attempt to steal traffic from their website. 

Even if you don’t have many direct visitors, another benefit of blog comments is that the search engine will see the link, and your website will improve. The number of visits will increase significantly if you post enough comments on enough unique blogs (different domains).


Finding the right topic and writing rich content takes some time and effort, but making sure the right people see what you write will demand from you to create more work. 

The entire process can be simplified, so as long as you focus on the correct strategy we outlined in this article, your blog traffic will grow steadily.

Optimal Websites has a great team of experienced content writers that know how to tailor content for your unique needs. Contact us or browse our website for more information.

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