Must-Have WordPress Plugins for Your Blog

There are thousands of plugins for WordPress. In the next article, we have compiled a list of Must-Have WordPress Plugins for Your Blog. 

WordPress is definitely the most popular and versatile content management system in the world, but it is still open-source and implemented, coded, and developed for websites in a wide range of ways.

The number of page builders, themes, plugins, hosting plans, etc makes it easy for novices to launch websites effortlessly.

It also allows for integration, custom theme development, and use of custom code, and some very complex applications.

Despite the full range of implementation and deployment methods, there are still some common plugins that can serve novice and experienced WordPress administrators or developers.

Trust is a critical factor in an open-source environment when it comes to plugins and code bases developed by others.

The more plugins you have on your website, the more you need to stay up to date to reduce security risks and reduce the testing time for each update to ensure that everything is not interrupted.

Besides, you can avoid some unexpected consequences of conflicting plugins.

Although this list is not comprehensive and opinions and methods will vary, I have compiled a list of some essential plugins that I recommend to WordPress sites, from blogs to business priorities.

CookieYes GDPR Cookie Consent & Compliance Notice Plugin

Are you looking for the right tool to help you with the GDPR Cookie compliance of your WordPress website? The CookieYes GDPR Cookie Consent & Compliance Notice Plugin would be a great choice.

This cookie consent plugin makes cookie compliance easy with the effective management of your website cookies (both first and third-party cookies).

Along with displaying a cookie notice on your website, you can allow your users to express their explicit consent for cookies on a category basis. 

It’s auto-script blocker blocks third-party cookies (selected list of plugins) until users grant consent for them.

You can automatically scan and categorize cookies and even add the cookie list to your cookie policy page using a short code. 

Multiple cookie banner templates, cookie consent log, Geo-IP-based cookie notice exclusion, etc, are features exclusive to the premium version of the plugin.


Even if you are not in the process of migrating or migrating to a new website, you may occasionally need to perform a 301 redirect.

When the page disappears, moves or refreshes, and reposts the content, you want to be able to redirect the old URL to the new URL quickly and easily 

Redirection is a simple tool that allows users to specify new and old URLs as content through WordPress and click save.

Redirects can immediately take effect without the need for developers, IT, any confusion or problems, compared to 301 and 302, etc. You can go beyond basic 301 or perform conditional redirects.


Here, about Yoast, I can say many words without releasing the full power of SEO.

Yoast allows you to control everything related to SEO, from index files to specific page factors.

It sometimes comes with a learning curve. Due to the powerful features of Yoast, it may cause some conflicts with other applications.

Some SEOs have been closed due to security issues or errors, and these errors or errors will take some time to be disclosed, and other alternative methods have been adopted.

Nevertheless, it is still the industry standard SEO plugin for WordPress.

Yoast provides free and premium versions.


Caching is very important. In addition to this, it is one of the most significant violations for page loading speed is images.

Imagify is an image compression tool.

It can help you automate the process of optimizing image size without affecting quality.

This time-saving plugin will help you when you cannot prevent users from uploading larger images and cannot modify the default upload settings of WordPress.

Imagify’s monthly subscription price is very low, and it is layered according to the number of pictures on your website.

Better Search Replace

If you encounter a project or update that needs to be migrated, you must use this plugin. It fills the gap and automates tedious and time-consuming jobs.

Whether you want to quickly find all the links that were broken during the migration process, or to find and replace, or move the database, this plugin can fully cover you.

The plugin is powerful and does require some logic to use it, but it also requires your input and understanding to apply to content that needs to be migrated, updated, and repaired. It does save a lot of time and labor.

Better Search and Replace provide basic and professional options within the price range according to the desired function.

WP Rocket

WP Rocket is a plugin that mainly provides caching services. By caching content, your site can load faster, thereby enhancing user experience and SEO performance.

It goes beyond the default settings of WordPress and provides more control. It can achieve an appropriate balance between caching and content loading to meet your goals and needs.

Advanced Custom Fields

There are different opinions about the best way to build a WordPress website and the use of themes and page builders.

However, it is worth mentioning here that if you want to use a custom theme route, we strongly recommend that you use “Advanced Custom Fields.”

For us, it is an essential plugin because it complements the functionality of a custom page builder. But it also strikes the right balance between the robustness of options and the user’s excessive lethality or information overload.

ACF is well supported and aims to maximize flexibility because it can add fields and custom taxonomies anywhere in WordPress. It makes editing content very easy.

Advanced Custom Fields provides developers with free and professional versions.


As mentioned earlier, this is not the final list of all plugins. In addition to the ones mentioned, there are many other high-quality options.

We, as web developers, trust these plugins for their stability, security, and constant updates. Of course, it will depend on the website you are building, you might use some other plugins. But rest assured that the ones listed here will do the trick for you. 

If you need help with your web development project, drop us a line. We will be happy to help you get the website your business deserves.

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