New Google Algorithm Starting March 2021 – Do Not Get Left Behind In The Dust On Desktop-only.

The “mobile-first index” on Google is just around the corner. When it is publicly released, what will your website look like?

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has given website designers more time to optimize their websites, the official launch date in March 2021 is quickly approaching.

After implementing “mobile-first,” desktop-only websites that have not been optimized through web design services may encounter a lot of trouble.

Mobile-first indexing starts in March 2021

It was initially scheduled to start in September 2020; however, the COVID-19 pandemic has given more time for web designers to prepare for the changes.

Google’s mobile-first indexed browser version has been postponed, and the company announced that it will now launch a new search engine in March 2021.

Once all of this finally happens, Internet searches with Google will change forever.

Although a long time has passed since the announcement in 2017, many people who are still using desktop-only web design are still thinking about what will happen to their website once the change is completed.

But What Does Mobile-First Indexing Mean for me?

Mobile-first indexing is Google’s way of giving priority to mobile-optimized websites over mobile search.

Since there is more search traffic on mobile devices than on desktops or laptops today, web design services are required to create websites that work well on mobile devices to achieve any search rankings.

According to Google, business owners have had some time to prepare with web designers because this change will significantly affect their websites’ searchability in all mobile-first ways.

What happens to desktop-only websites?

Google recently announced that when mobile-first indexing is finally implemented in March 2021, all non-mobile web design indexes will be removed from the search index.

If your company website is one of them, this is a significant move that may have a considerable impact.

Your desktop-only websites won’t be searchable on Google after March 2021, but search marketing efforts will also be of no avail because your pages will no longer be ranked for users or displayed in the search results.

You can still visit the site by directly entering the URL; however, it will actually disappear from the search engine.

Now it’s time for mobile web design.

If this sounds a bit scary to you because you are still using desktop-only web design, yes, worry that losing PageRank and being unable to search will destroy any business.

March 2021 is almost here, although there is still some time, you can work with an experienced web designer to upgrade your site so that it is eligible for mobile-first indexing and can be seen on Google.

You have time not to be left behind in the dust on desktop-only.

Let our website design service ensure that your business is not affected by mobile-first indexing so that you can continue to conduct your business online successfully!

We are here to help you if you have any questions, or if you need help getting your website ready for Google Mobile Indexing contact us here

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