SEO Tips For Your eCommerce

Do you want to increase the organic traffic of your eCommerce site and increase revenue? There are some things that you have to implement if you’re going to succeed. 

Currently, we are in an uncertain period, COVID-19 is affecting our lives tremendously, schools and businesses are closed, people are unemployed, and so on.

Some industries, such as tourism, are suffering, and some businesses that are driven by eCommerce or provide the services people need (i.e., Zoom) are currently booming.

Google recently published a series of blog posts containing case studies on how SEO can help businesses.

This may help convince the ones in charge of investing in SEO or implementing structured data that may benefit their business.

All companies, no matter their size, should take this seriously because SEO brings most of the traffic and revenue to many brands.

Here are some things that an eCommerce company can implement on its website to increase organic traffic and increase their revenue.

Perform a Technical Audit

Many issues can plague eCommerce sites from getting great visibility in the search engines such as:

  • Duplicate content.
  • Incorrect redirection strategy. 
  • Loading times of your pages. 
  • XML sitemaps that don’t automatically update to add new product pages or categories.
  • Bad URL structure.

Update Your Business Listings

You should be able to update your business listings; you must act now. Because by doing so, you will make sure that people know if your business is open or closed. If you offer a delivery service, your site should show the best ways to reach your customer service, what’s the availability of a product or service, etc. 

Think about all the things that could provide to offer a better user experience by giving your customers valuable information and implement it. 

Create & Optimize Your Content

Having high-quality content that meets user intent is more important now than ever.

There are thousands and thousands of competitors out there. You must make sure to stand out, your content is the way the users will find you, and if your content is poor quality, the potential customers won’t give you a chance. 

Brands should also conduct content reviews or have their agencies review the sites to see if outdated content can be updated, deleted, or merged with other material to make it more useful and relevant.

Google Shopping

Google has recently opened up free product listings to the shopping results for merchants. And you should be taking advantage of this NOW!

If you’re not advertising your products on Google Shopping, you’re missing out. Google Shopping provides shoppers the same opportunity to browse a variety of products based on their search query.


For most businesses, SEO is one of the most important marketing channels that provides the best ROI.

Act now, it’s not too late, your competitors are improving their organic performance, don’t be left behind. 
We have created the best SEO strategies to maximize your return on investment. If you need help with your business make sure to contact us today.

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