Should You Use TikTok For Business?

We get asked many questions about social media and how to use it to create new potential customers and generate new business. Lately, the question we get asked more is about TikTok and whether it is good to use for business.

What Is TikTok?

TikTok is a video sharing application. Users can create and share short videos. You can follow other TikTokers, comment, share, and like their videos. TikTok is an all-video social network platform.

Why have you heard about it now? As far as social media is concerned, it is quite new. It was only listed in the United States in 2018 after the merger with, and it gained popularity in 2019.

How Would You Use This For Your Business?

If you have never heard of TikTok or just heard of TikTok now, you can assume that it is only for kids, where teenagers post videos. However, its popularity has dramatically increased in all age groups. One of our favorite TikTok areas is what we call “Teacher TikTok”, which includes videos made by teachers for students. A great way to connect with students via social media during the lockdown!

Therefore, more and more people are using it and spending time on it—worth considering.

What Industries Are Best Suited For TikTok?

Since TikTok is a video platform, any industry that can share videos showing their work can use it. For example, one of the places where hairdressers spend a lot of time is Instagram. Here you can post photos of the finished customer’s hair. Stylists can use TikTok to post videos of their styling work, operation videos, and videos showing how to use different products.

Other industries such as restaurants, designers, contractors, buildings (think time-lapse video!), chefs (show you how to make beautiful dishes!), local governments, retail stores, etc. There is no end to businesses that use TikTok for business.

How Do You Use It?

As with any social media, you can solve TikTok usage issues in many ways, but we want to highlight here that social media is only effective if you use it. Just create a profile and ignore it, and you will get zero rewards.

First, get the application, set up your profile, and brand it. Upload your logo or photo, write your resume or description, and link it to the website in your resume.

After doing this, you will start looking for people to follow. Social media is not just about pushing content to others but also about interacting with other users. If you follow them, people will be more inclined to follow you. So who should you follow? If you are a local businessman in a town, please pay attention to the people in the city first. First, pay attention to the people you already know. Start searching for content similar to you and follow these people.

Then you need to make some videos. TikTok’s videos are very short, usually 15 seconds, but it can be up to 60 seconds.

If you are a hairstylist, it is good to show people how to make their own hairstyles, add colors, trimming bangs, or use various products.

Recently, we have seen that restaurants are playing fast videos to show how to reopen safely during a pandemic, show the table spacing, servers wearing masks, etc.

Consider the problems you often encounter and find a way to answer them in a video that can be posted to TikTok.

Should I Use Hashtags?

Tags are a great way to get more users to watch your videos, but the key is to use them correctly. You need to think about which hashtags are being used and apply them to your content, not just constitute hashtags that no one is looking for. 

TikTok is a great place to increase your followers, share information about your business with customers, and interact with customers and partners. 

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