Tips To Improve Your Site’s User Experience

Increasing brand awareness through social media, blogs, and other marketing strategies helps increase visits, but if the website you show is locked in the digital dark age, then your hard work will not help.

To avoid the catastrophe caused by missing conversion opportunities, here are five essential tips that can help improve the user experience of customers who visit your website.

On-Site Navigation

The foundation of an excellent live experience starts with being able to browse the page.

As our CEO Carlos Villanueva pointed out, “if your site’s navigation and layout look more like a mess than an actual page, please don’t feel surprised when your visitors start looking for content somewhere else.”

Focus on creating the appropriate logical structure for your website layout and navigation tools.

Content Relevancy

Next, make sure that your content is indeed related to relevant search queries, Villanueva said. “It’s important to care about keywords to rank on the search engines, but once your visitors start filtering your page products, they will soon lose interest in irrelevant content.”

By closely monitoring the continuity of your content and the strong connection with related search terms, you can use suitable search engine optimization (SEO) technology without reducing the user experience.

Social Reviews

Sometimes, the best way to promote your products and services is to let others do the work for you.

Letting user-generated comments and social plugins tell your brand story can help add powerful, peer-oriented elements to the page’s user experience.

To ensure the quality and factual nature of these opinions, you need to put a little extra work.

Still, a small number of plugins to the website can enhance the user experience like organic and exciting discussions.

Checkout Process

Another tip from Villanueva’s experience focuses on improving the user experience by speeding up the checkout process.

Online shoppers hate road bumpers, so if your checkout system has many deficiencies, don’t be surprised when your abandonment rate exceeds the 65% average reported by

Reducing security features will suggest in the wrong direction, but any other streamlining and reduction measures will require you to reconsider so that you can optimize the purchase process.

Listen to Your Customers

Of course, the best way to improve the user experience is to listen to the audience and follow their collective leadership.

As explained by Carlos Villanueva: “publishing surveys and other responsive products allows users to record their thoughts on the page. From there, this feedbacks can help develop a plan to ensure improved user experience.”


You still need to work smart to attract visitors to your website. However, if you keep the user experience organized and all your SEO and other digital marketing efforts are on track, the site you show to the public will provide all the necessary tools to convert this interest into real conversion.

If you are ready to improve your website but do not have an in-house team to do it, Optimal Websites has a great group of experienced developers that know how to tailor optimization for your unique needs. Contact us or browse our website for more information.

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