Websites: Template Approach vs. Custom Design

How to choose between a custom or template-based website? First of all, tell you that it all depends on your business scale, target audience, and industry. 

Do you know what the result is? If most of your business is done offline, then you should use a simple template website. On the other hand, if you mainly operate online, investing some money for your website may be a better decision.

It all depends on whether your website is an important part of driving sales, whether it helps build a reputation and whether it helps improve your website’s image. Let’s take a look at all the features of custom sites and template sites.


A template-based website can save a lot of money because the design is already set up. You only need to pay a monthly or annual fee to the template provider, which is usually very cheap.


The website construction is divided into three stages-planning, design, and construction stages. The template website comes with the functions, form, and structure that have been determined for you, which significantly reduces development time. With a customized version, you can choose the technical architecture of the site.

Originality & Flexibility

These components include the creation of unique experiences in visual design and technical functions. If you choose a template, some other companies may be using the same template. This way, you may risk making your website look like other companies’ websites. By customizing the site, you can develop an original scalable website that integrates tools and functions that suit your audience, marketing goals, and industry.


With a custom website, you must be able to provide simple usability and features to enhance the customer experience. By better positioning customers, you will increase customer satisfaction and repeat visits. In terms of functionality, template-based sites are very limited.

Brand Promotion

With a custom version, you can make your website an extension of the brand and fully reflect it, which template design cannot do (at least not). If you really want to build a respected brand, then a tailor-made design will undoubtedly win a duel.


Template-based websites can set up specific features, designs, and functions that are not suitable for your business or brand. Ultimately, they will be limited in terms of functionality and will not be as friendly to search engines as the custom version. The custom website allows for high-quality SEO and future modifications (if required).


If you want an SEO-friendly website that is specifically customized to suit your brand image, and you want to own and use it in the future, then a custom build is a better choice. Custom design allows customization. It is unique and extensible (you can quickly change the hosting solution.) It does cost more, and it takes more time to develop, but the results are unparalleled. 

If you have any questions about custom website development, please contact us to discuss the possibility of building a website suitable for your brand and business.

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