What Makes a Great Homepage?

I want to write about some ideas that I have used after running my web design agency for more than five years. I hope you will find the following ideas inspiring and work hard to resolve what you want to add on the homepage.

Oh, and my quick notes before I get started. For the homepage of a website, every industry needs a unique approach. That is to say; I tried to put forward priorities, which can make most B2B or B2C bend over and transcend the boundaries between different verticals.

Okay, let’s get started.

Identity Statement – Be clear and concise. 

First of all, please clearly state who you are. Are you a law firm specializing in disability claims? Perhaps you are an agricultural equipment manufacturer that can provide low-cost solutions for developing markets. To be sure, the Internet is flooded with companies that don’t know what they do. 

However, a clear identity statement can enable you to state your market clearly. Rather than let your website visitors draw their conclusions, it is better to clarify who you are, right in front, and in the middle.

That makes it easier for your visitors to understand, but it will also serve to leave a good and lasting impression on them as they continue to digest content on your site. You have made an obvious first impression.

Here are some examples of “Identity Claims” on the homepage:

Social Proof

The idea behind social evidence is that people don’t care much about your evaluation of the company’s market value. They are more concerned with testimony from outside of you.

Any company can praise itself, but when the market says “Hey, choose this company, they are great” or “Yes, this product is great”, the situation is different. Social proof is external proof, which means that your company has been verified for the value you bring to the market.

You can add social proof on the company’s homepage in the following ways:

Testimonials / Reviews: Ideally, these recommendations come from third parties and are therefore considered legitimate.

Client Logos / Case Studies: More information for B2B companies-here you can share all the important customer projects you work on. The fact that a particular company will hire you may be a compelling reason to attract new clients.

Awards and associations: Although you have to be cautious to promote yourself, some awards or associations scattered on the homepage can help you quickly build credibility with potential customers.

Clarify Your Buckets

What is your bucket? In this article, I’ll be referring to the critical suggestions made around your work. If you are selling products, your bucket might be your favorite 3 or 4 product categories. If you are selling services, the first three services in the larger identity statement may be listed.

Through the main identity statement on the homepage, you can know the reason for existence. With your social proof, you are saying, “yes, we are also good at it”. In the next part, you will try to create a launchpad to enter your website further. Some people want to contact you immediately or make a purchase (see next priority), but for others, they want to do more research on your identity as a company.

Here is an example of “buckets” I’m talking about:


Tell The User What to Do Next

Finally, my last homepage priority is simple. Tell the user what to do next. Yes, it is that simple. Too many companies guide potential customers through defined processes, thereby unnecessarily complicating matters. However, a simple call to action (CTA) can be a fantastic way to move things forward. After all, you already know who you are, and what others are thinking, why not put yourself there?

Here are some great examples:

  1. An experiential company asks you to fill out a simple form and tell them what your problem is.
  2. A rooftop company posted its phone number directly above the “Request a Quote” button.
  3. Family counselors can establish a “30-minute exploratory call” through the link.
  4. A SaaS technology company asks visitors to “arrange a quick demo.”

Placing similar calls to action on your homepage can do wonders. Your prospective customers need a way to raise their hands to say, “Hey, I like what I see, I want to do business with you”. You just make it easier for them to do this.


Four ideas to help you create a great company homepage.

  1. Be clear who you are.
  2. Reasons for establishing market value through social proof
  3. Create some launchpads (buckets) around your core products for those who want to learn more and
  4. Create a simple CTA for potential customers who are ready to join.

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