Best Online Chat Tools For Small Businesses

Finding great Online Chat Tools in today’s overcrowded market can be a little complicated. Nevertheless, this is still at least the issue that all B2B companies should consider. 

In recent years, live chat has become more and more popular, with about 63% of customers that said that they are more likely to return to a website with this feature. 

A recent survey also revealed that approximately 38% of buyers purchased directly through an online chat session. 

When you try to answer questions in real-time, the conversion rate is high.

44% of website visitors said that obtaining customer support from real people when buying online is one of the essential functions that the website can provide. 

About 62% also said that if there is a chat gadget to greet them, they are more likely to buy goods from the site again.

Benefits of using live chat as a lead generation software 

Using the real-time communication function of live chat as a method of generating potential customers has many benefits. 

If live chat it’s used effectively, you can: 

  • Improve customer service 
  • Help to reduce the bounce rate 
  • Improve conversions and sales 
  • Improve brand trust and loyalty 
  • Provide upsell opportunities for related transactions and offers

Live chat will also provide you with reporting capabilities, enabling you to track the activities of those who visit your site. 

The data can be provided to your marketing and sales team for activation and internal review. 

Live chat software will become a cost-effective and high return on investment potential generation solution. 

So, what are the best online chat tools for potential customers on the market?


Intercom did arouse the potential customer demand for sales representatives. 

The platform’s real-time chat tool will enable the sales team to chat with customers in real-time and answer their questions immediately when needed.

But this is not the reason for putting the Intercom at the top of this list. 

What makes it the most effective real-time chat tool for potential customers is its customer qualification function.

Intercom technology will schedule meetings and monitor all potential customers’ captured data for you. 

It is also integrated with Salesforce, which means that the information can be kept fully up-to-date. 

Qualified leads generated by the Intercom will be sent to the appropriate sales staff to complete the transaction. 

Whenever a new potential customer enters the system, Intercom’s mobile app reminds team members to let them know they can take action. 

The disadvantage of this platform is that its chat function is more suitable for small businesses. 

As the company keeps growing, you will most likely need to find other solutions. 

It can also be challenging to determine which customer requires immediate attention.


Drift’s real-time chat messaging solution enables real-time conversations with customers through the company’s website and other channels. 

These conversations can be used as a stable platform to promote products and services or to conclude transactions with customers. 

Drift has a high degree of flexibility and scalability and is ideal for companies of all sizes. 

It provides many functions, including automatic lead qualification, sales call plan, real-time response, and real-time chat between mobile devices, email, and sites.


Nextiva‘s chat software uses NextOS to extract data from customer interactions, enabling it to interact intelligently with website visitors. 

Although Nextiva does not face potential customers like Intercom, Nextiva still has many advantages. 

For beginners, it has built-in shortcuts that allow support staff to choose frequently sent replies and provide a timely experience for each potential customer. 

Each chat and interaction can be converted into a case and logged into the system for future reference. 

Team members can also set their available time.

Team members can also communicate with each other internally, making it easy to broadcast messages to the entire team. 

You can also check which support representatives are online at any time.

HubSpot Online Chat 

The live chat software is bundled with HubSpot CRM and can communicate seamlessly with website visitors. 

Every time you start contacting, you will know who to talk to. 

The contact’s history will tell you whether they are potential customers, new connections, or long-term customers. 

All incoming chats are managed in the “Dialog” section. That is a shared inbox where the entire company can collaborate on any incoming messages. 

All content of transactions and tickets will be stored in the contact records in CRM.


The ZenDesk chat function is very well known in the industry for a good reason. 

Its most notable feature is its in-depth agent analysis. With its built-in reporting function, you can view each agent’s efficiency and the number of chats completed by each person. 

You can also use ZenDesk to identify any areas where customer service can be improved.

Another useful feature is the ability to initiate a chat in context. For example, if the customer is in the checkout stage, they can contact and provide other assistance. 

Besides, if the customer starts chatting, they will be invited to provide their email address and primary contact information. 

Similarly, you can ask them to provide feedback about their experience.


Compared with most competitors, ClickDesk has a slightly different approach to live chat. 

When contacting you, the solution provides your customers with more options. 

ClickDesk also provides video and audio chat. With audio chat, you can access company numbers in more than 40 different countries/regions locally. 

The software can also be integrated with Skype and Google Talk.

As for the video chat function, your representative does not have to keep the camera-ready. 

Each team member can choose when to have a video conversation, as well as an audio chat. 

Another advantage of ClickDesk is that it is easy to install and requires no installation. The software can be run directly in a web browser.

Unlike ZenDesk, ClickDesk does not provide the same tracking and analysis functions. 

It only displays basic customer information, such as location and browser type. If you want to learn more about your potential customers and customers, there may be problems.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out to us, remember that we are here to help you.

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